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New Bikes, various routes, breathtaking views, challenging heights, and lots of fun

the BEST enduro tours that you can find

We are situated in Rhodope mountains, south Bulgaria. Only we offer enduro tours in this area, which is the most beautiful mountain in Bulgaria. We have direct access to hundreds of miles tracks and trails, deep forest and challenging routes which will entertain beginners to pro riders. 

We offer 4, 5, 6 or more days enduro tour. The average duration of a day trip is between 6 to 8 hours. All routes vary in difficulty and are chosen accordingly for every group or rider. Whether your plan is to visit with a group, or you are travelling on your own, we will look after every step of the way.

dirt bike holiday

Tour packages

5 days tour

Day 1: Airport transfer, meeting with the team, dinner at the hotel and leisure time

Day 2, 3, and 4: Riding days

- various routes every day

- return to the hotel via a new route

- dinner at the hotel, SPA and swimming pool 

Day 5: Breakfast and transfer to the airport

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